This is Tiki--->
She's going to be taking care of the
Web Site 
while it's being developed. She's new but will learn fast.
Talk to her and "Be Nice"!
This is the online home of the
Pon Tiki.
Here you'll find photos and highlights of past fun events, Birthday Parties,etc.
Links will also be available for Facebook Youtube and Flickr sites where you can find more photos  and videos
The early years
Pon Tiki pics
Tiki Town and Easy Street
Other Tiki Boats
Pon Tiki Pilots
Build a Hut with a satellite dish
Check out Bud Light's tribute to
Mr homemade pontoon boat maker
Click on voodoo dude (above)
to hear Tiki Man by  "Deadbolt"
For those of you who are new to the

Pon Tiki

Explore the site and you'll get a pretty good idea what it's all about.

It is about "FUN" and playing on the water.
This isn't a commercial site but there will be some items available to purchase in the future.
Battle flags are in. 9"X12"
-Militant Green Bad Beaver-
$20. eachRemember to fly them with attitude !Party on

I know that I promised to update the site, but I've been having too much fun to be doing computer stuff (old guy syndrome)

I'll be putting new stuff on soon now that we're into Fall 2009 

Some links aren't working yet but I'll get on it. Check back soon. 



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